Fortiaz - Resilience

Fortiaz is a network of senior international experts in resilience – risk management, business and operational continuity, incident & crisis management, emergency response, and related IT tools.

The work includes

  • practical risk assessments, vulnerability tests, training, exercises and incident investigations,
  • fully customized manuals, plans, programs,
  • research, policy and system analyses,
  • reorganizations of the concerned organizational units,
  • software.

Starting from scratch, or testing and improving performance, or changing the game completely.

We work globally with all sectors of society, business – government – NGOs. From industries and energy to transport, maritime to land transport and aviation, counter-terrorism to pandemics, big cities to national agencies and from sites to company headquarters.
The advantage of this unique scope is cross-learning between countries and sectors through benchmarking, evaluating risks & incidents worldwide, the mapping of interdependencies and clarifying-simplifying complex structures.

Fortiaz is not a typical consultancy firm.
We are a network.

True experts are not easy to find. We are selective in the jobs we take on, because accepting a task stands for 100 % commitment and results.

We do not just send anyone. We ensure in advance a never-off-the-shelf approach. What we deliver is simultaneously innovative and ready for immediate use.
Big words that simply mean: no mediocre paperwork for the sake of ticking a box.
We do what we believe in and enjoy doing: beyond state-of-the-art, solid, smart and practical.
We are fast and we deliver.

Fortiaz can work either directly with a company or government agency on a project or assignment for a specific expert, or alternatively work with a consultancy firm that looks for expertise and experience to carry out a contract.
The references and résumé(s) you will get are of expert(s) we propose: you will know who will personally carry out the work, no surprises.

Fortiaz and its experts are in general asked for projects and assignments through existing connections.
Word of mouth, based on reputation and results.
If you have come across our website without prior knowledge, please contact us by email.
We will promptly get back to you.